Healthy Benefits of Minerals Including for Body

Minerals included essential nutrients in the prevention of various diseases and maintain health. Mineral and vitamin supplements have the same role, in the sense of the vitamin can work for their mineral and vice versa. May be assumed to be minerals vitamins will not be able to function properly. The difference between vitamins and minerals is where vitamins are organic compounds and minerals are inorganic compounds.
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35 Function of Vitamin A to Healthy Body

Function of vitamin a to healthy
Carrot is vegetables has high vitamin A

Surely you already know the function of vitamin A to health for eye vision function especially to let clear and obvious. However, it turns out the function of vitamin A to healthy is not only good for eyes but also useful for other organs. Well, vitamin A is divided into two types namely retinol (original source of animal products) and beta-carotene (source origin of plant). Baca selengkapnya tentang35 Function of Vitamin A to Healthy Body

Oxalate : What is the Function?


Oxalate – In 1776, the first test of oxalate research done by a scientist named Carl w. Scheele by performing the oxidation of sugar along with nitric acid. In 1784, have proved that this is no oxalate in plant sorrel. In the year 1829, Gay Lussac scientists find results, that it can be produced by doing fused alkali soluble on the sawdust. Baca selengkapnya tentangOxalate : What is the Function?