10 Foods That Can Boost Testosterone Levels (hormone)

Well, you should know if testosterone is the Foundation of existence as a man. These hormones can help in building muscles, strengthen bones, affects physical, flower-growing bone growth, boost energy, prevent bone porous, increasing sexual drive, strengthen heart, raising size of the penis and maximizing memory. If you want to improve and strengthen the testosterone levels, it is worth avoiding the use of drugs because there is a natural way of getting this testosterone intake.

Foods That Can Boost Testosterone Levels


Here below the list of foods that can increase testosterone, which are :


Oyster or Mussel contain high protein, zinc and magnesium. Oysters contain a high zinc compared to other food sources. Only by consuming small scallops 6 per day, can give you seven times daily intake would be zinc. This content would later play a role essential for muscle growth and boosting testosterone levels. Some studies have revealed that the supplement will contain zinc can increase testosterone levels and can make the body to athletics. Research conducted by Bodybuilding also pointed out that the content of zinc can prevent this decrease in the amount of testosterone.


Eggs are a source of cholesterol and protein, and including foods that can boost testosterone levels. Well, keep in mind this testosterone also formed due to sisntesis process between protein and cholesterol which included forming an important hormone in the body. Eggs also includes healthy food source and the amount of cholesterol that is present in eggs is still relatively safe.

Red meat

Meat doesn’t have fat as well as including a complex food sources, and they have content of iron, magnesium, protein and zinc nutrient. Still choose meats contain saturated fat. Red meat including the main food source that is very important to increase testosterone. Beef protein and zinc which can build muscle and body to optimize testosterone levels. The source will be meat like beef, deer, sheep.


Nuts also contain proteins that are quite high, and contains zinc and fiber and low in fat. Nuts including foods that can boost testosterone levels. Not only that, it can also control your weight and maintaining healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Vegetables from a cross

Vegetables from the results of a cross for example source of phytochemicals (plant chemicals). In vegetables content of indole-3-carbinol and fiber. It is so important to change hormone estradiole (inhibits testosterone production), about a 50% chance of being a good hormone that could push system synthesis in the hormone testosterone. You can consume vegetable such as broccoli, cauliflower, turnip greens, bokchoy, collard greens, radishes, daikon. Vegetable contains phytochemicals that can lower the amount of estrogen that is evil and to relieve the negative effects resulting from a deficiency of testosterone levels.


Next, foods that can boost testosterone levels is honey. One source of food that one is a little unique because it has a natural substance chrysin is still a type of Bioflavonoids which plays a role in inhibiting the potential flavor. The bodybuilding generally consume supplements testosterone boosting reason being potent inhibits the enzyme flavor. Thus it will be a little testosterone levels that have been in converts to estrogen.


Although it had a smell that bad taste, nutritional sources include garlic also known as allicin. By eating these onions can increase levels of the hormone testosterone, so it is recommended can even inhibit the growth hormone cortisol or growth as opposed to testosterone. His goal was to be able to inhibit the action of testosterone results as well as destroying the system of muscle tissue.


Well, fruits are a source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. The fall in testosterone levels in body, damage caused by toxins produced by the body on a network that produces testosterone. Some nutritional experts recommend to consume foods that are high in antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc and Selenium. They can overcome the male hormones are unbalanced, or experiencing aging substance endrogene in men increases related to age. Foods that can be the source of fruit such as grapes, avocados and pomegranates.

Tuna fish

Content of vitamin D in the tuna fish has its benefits. Where this vitamin can increase the amount of testosterone to 90%. One can of tuna including contains 100% needs a daily intake of vitamin D. So, tuna include foods that can boost testosterone levels.


A study revealed that men who have more fat will have the hormone estrogen than testosterone. Reduce body fat regularly by drinking milk that is included contains amino acid to enhance anabolic hormones produce the muscle-forming.

—Multiple sources of food (vegetables, fruit, milk) containing substances that rich to boost testosterone/enhancer (male hormone) which is quite high.—-


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