30 Foods in Vitamin H High Including Fruits, Vegetables, etc

Source Foods of Vitamin H, better known as vitamin B7 or Biotin. It is part of the vitamin B complex. For functionality similar to the vitamin B complex that is to convert the carbohydrates that have entered into the body of the glucose will be producing energy. As well as converting protein and fat. It is generally used for the health of hair and skin and eyes. It is slightly soluble in water. So that the body can’t hold many vitamins.

Functions and Benefits of Vitamin H

There are some of the functions and benefits of vitamin H include:

  1. Help on the usability of folic acid, vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid and protein.
  2. Strengthen nails and healthy hair
  3. Increase HDL cholesterol
  4. Lower blood sugar
  5. Increase energy because the energy producing vitamin H

Combination of vitamin H with other remedies when consumed slowly can treat type 2 diabetes. This is why blood sugar levels fast down just by consuming vitamin H periodically as well as maintain a regular eating pattern.  Then, nail and hair will be healthy especially if experiencing a branched hairs, thin and easily fall out. On the nail that broke or brittle. So, it’s the function of vitamin H, which can make the nails and hair to stay healthy.

Foods in Vitamin H High Including


Well, here’s a foods in vitamin H high including :

Cheddar cheese

Cheese including milk products is very high contain of calcium and vitamin B12, so very suitable snacks healthy. Well, It has a high content of turns will vitamin H. Processed milk is rich in calcium and vitamin B12, so make it as healthy snacks. Cheese turns out to also be a good source of vitamin H. Size per ounce of cheddar cheese gives as much as 0.4 to 2 mcg will be a daily intake of vitamin H.


Other food sources that contain vitamin H is the carrot. Surely you know that carrot is high content of vitamin A, but it will also contain biotin, which is where the carrots will give you daily intake vitamin B7 as much as 10.6 mcg per Cup.

Whole wheat bread

This bread comes from pure wheat ingredients are good sources for the content of vitamin H. Whole wheat bread is very tasty when added peanut butter or milk. This bread is not only a high protein content but also of iron. For 1 slice whole wheat bread will give you the intake as much as 0.2-6 mcg vitamin H.


Mushrooms healthy food source is included and contains various vitamins, one being its high content of vitamin H. Many types of mushrooms that are so safe for consumption including volvariella volvacea, shiitake and oyster.


 foods in vitamin H high including Turkey, its also meat rich in protein. But, it will also contain vitamin H. So it is well suited for those of you who are wanting to build muscle.


Tuna have high enough levels of vitamin H. It is also high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. So this one is seafood good for cardiovascular health, brain and hair. But, do not consume excessive because it also there are deposits of mercury.


Avocado fruit full of nutrients that will be very good for body, such as proteins, fatty acids are healthy and some vitamins, one vitamin H. you can consume it in the form of fruit juice or salad.


One of the marine fish containing omega 3 fatty acids and protein that is high enough. Salmon is usually served at sushi dishes are so delicious. This salmon gives you sufficient intake of vitamin H.


Foods in vitamin H high including Eggs. In addition to vitamin H, it also contains cholesterol and proteins. So, to keep it does not consume excessive so as not to negatively impact the health of your body.

Sunflower Seeds

In addition to culinary delights made a healthy snack, sunflower seeds also has plenty of vitamin and minerals such as vitamin H and magnesium. The food is very well suited to you who are undergoing diet.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is often added to foods bread. An awful lot of good nutritional vitamins and minerals that are in peanut butter. This one has food calories, protein and vitamin H.

Beef liver

This turns out to contain beef liver is high in vitamins and minerals that are better than the content in the flesh. In addition Vitamin H, beef liver also has a lot of good iron content to boost your blood.


Vegetables include cauliflower resulting from crosses. This vegetable has a high content of minerals, vitamin C and vitamin H. Consumption can make you escape from a heart attack and preventing the risk of getting cancer.


Vitamin H also found in yeast. You can get your intake of vitamin H powder yeast that can be processed together with milkshakes and cereals. Well, not only the content of vitamin H, chromium content of yeast has a very good storytellers for diabetes.

Fruit Berries

Family berry (strawberry, cranberry, etc) will contain vitamin H. Antioxidants present in fruit berry is high enough so that it can prevent cancer as well as heart attacks. Its content can ward off free radicals.


It is one of seafood which is highly equipped nutrition of protein and high in omega-3. In addition, sardines turned out to contain vitamin H and minerals. But don’t be too often because it also contain fat.


You are interested in the conversation? It’s good you replace snacks with almonds are so healthy. In addition to the high contain of vitamin H, almonds also contain healthy fats as well as calcium. Just consume less, it gives you energy.


Meet the daily intake of soybeans will 60 mcg vitamin H will be as much for each 100 gr. of soybeans is also high in fiber and protein. So, if you’re a vegetarian, consume tempeh and tofu menu includes a healthy diet. For soy milk doesn’t contain vitamin H.


Foods in vitamin H high including Yogurt. Its too high in calcium. And it also has good levels of vitamin D. It deficiency can cause hair loss, weak, etc. that can be severe if ignored.


Bananas are highly recommended in stabilizing blood pressure, due to the high potassium content in the fruit. It also contains vitamins H. Best eaten without processing.

Dairy cows and goats

Drink goat’s milk or cow’s milk were still fresh, will give you a daily intake of vitamin H is so high. Not only that, it is also a high milk calcium is good for bone health.


Boil half cup of spinach, vegetables give you daily intake will vitamin H as much as 0.5 mcg. The nice thing of consuming spinach is low fat and cholesterol content. In fact, content of antioxidants in vegetables is high enough that could help treat cancer and inflammatory diseases such as diabetes. The content is also high in iron can prevent anemia.

Sweet potato

Consume a half cup of sweet potatoes gives you the intake will vitamin H as much as 2.4 mg. In addition to the content of vitamin H, it is a high content of beta carotene which can maintain the health of your skin and prevent mascular degeneration.


Consume half a cup of broccoli will give you as much as 0.4 mcg vitamin H intake. These vegetables are rich in vitamin K is good for bone health. It was also high with vitamin C can prevent cancer.


Foods in vitamin H high including Oatmeal. It is often considered one of the healthiest breakfast option. It was basically wheat that can reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

Other foods in vitamin H high including :

  • Peanut
  • Walnut
  • Pecans

Symptoms Deficiency Of Vitamin H

Symptoms arising due to deficiency of vitamin H such as muscle aches, extreme fatigue, drowsiness, a sense of the joints so heavily each day, loss of appetite and decrease weight, colour grey and experiencing depression. If the symptoms one may be more natural in that, immediately check to doctors in order not to continue to deteriorate.


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