54 Foods in High Niacin Including : Vitamin B3

You will want to make sure to get your needs met every day of niacin, as it can help lower cholesterol levels, help prevent diabetes, and have been shown to improve the mobility of joints. Shortage of niacin will feel tired, experiencing digestive problems, and even depression. That’s very important to add your daily nutrient intake will be food in high Niacin / vitamin B3.

Foods in High Niacin / Vitamin B3


The Following food sources containing high Niacin / vitamin B3, which is :


Almost every person has no problem in getting the vitamin niacin reason that chicken is the most widely consumed meat, which contains many unwittingly contain Niacin. Serving of chicken can be adjusted to taste, it would be better if served and burned.


While the meat is generally get responses to bad the reason high in fat, calories and cholesterol, but also did you know? Turkey Bacon is also foods in high niacin. But, it would be better if not as recommended by excessive consumption so as not to be bad for your health.


Choose mushrooms to add in Your food menu was excellent in assisting the needs of daily intake vitamin niacin. Fungus also has tremendous benefits to health, including the shiitake mushroom has anti cancer content.


Broccoli is one vegetables that are special because they contain high vitamin and minerals are good for health body as it contains vitamin B3. not only that, mushrooms also contain protein and fiber.


Who is not familiar with the beef? Yes, it turns out that in the beef also contains high in vitamin B3 niacin. You can consume this meat tastes as well as appropriate portions, do not overeat. Manage the beef well, so that vitamins and minerals in it does not disappear.


Next is the meat of Turkey. Yups, this one is very popular in the international food dish one extra for sandwiches. Have a taste of savory to make people love this meat. Well, certainly meat is rich in vitamin B3 Niacin.


Offal assumed some evil fat can raise LDL cholesterol. But not wrong when you consume in amounts slightly because it contains vitamin niacin is good for your body. So, you can consume with a little portion.


Asparagus including foods in high niacin vitamin B3. So, when you consume vegetables this one does not have to worry about would be less vitamin niacin because otherwise this vitamin intake will meet your daily needs.


Here’s one the perks of coffee, which contains a high content of niacin can you get in a sufficient daily intake. Black coffee has low calorie, but remember don’t overdo because coffee contains caffeine which can trigger problems for the body.


It is a sesame butter, another made from sesame seeds. Well, sesame butter includes a rich source of protein, and there are also other important nutrients, one of which was vitamin niacin. It is highly recommended to consume this food for you who want a daily intake of vitamin B3.


The food at this one included cereals have many vitamin and minerals, and niacin is one of content. You can do the processing of cereals to suit your taste.


The peppers that have colors so bright and can be added to the menu of your food. Well, keep in mind one vegetables that are high in niacin is also contains peppers.


Corn is a very delicious fruit to enjoy. You can manage it by way of a boiled or roasted and added the sauce and chili. If you like cheese, you can sprinkle with cheese too. The famous corn will also be the content of vitamins and minerals in it is good for body, one of which is high niacin.


Rapini has a bitter taste, for that you have to cook the food properly for this one. You can add the spices and ingredients to suit your taste. Well, it turns out the high will also contain vitamin B3.


Vegetables also foods in high niacin /vitamin B3, thats very popular vegetable in various countries. You can add to a salad, pizza topping or you can boil and bake it according to your needs.


Potatoes also foods in high niacin content is very tasty when consumed with how baked goods added tuna, nuts, cheese or chili. Potatoes contain high fiber, it also is great for those of you who are currently undergoing diet program.


Delicious way to enjoy Chowder by adding chopped okra. Vegetable okra can also be enjoyed by way of processed into healthy snacks as pickled, fried as a topping for salads and used to make a delicious okra Curry, in the winter can be processed with boil.


Kale with given a little oil and sprinkled with salt, then baked in the oven as a healthier alternative to crisps. Vegetables can also be added to savory pasta sauces and smoothies to help improve the content of vitamins and minerals. Kale vegetable called a multivitamin, it’s obvious there are also vegetables niacin.


Avocados can be mixed with honey or fruit, and cocoa, to create a dessert that is nutritious and healthy, or it could be added to sandwiches and given a little mayonnaise. Avocado is also rich in nutrient including 13% daily needs for vitamin B3.

Passion fruit

You can enjoy passion fruit easily with just add them to smoothies, be topping on top yogurt and insert it in a fruit salad. Passion fruit can also be eaten with sow them on mangoes and pineapple, let alone consumed during summer feels fresh.


Palm offers hearty flavor, can be added on the toppings for people who love the sweet taste and can be healthy teeth. Dates are excellent to be used as a natural sweetener ingredient in smoothies and homemade cakes.


Pink fruit that one can be added to the fruit salad to add exotic flavors of smoothies and juices. Guava, like most fruits, high in fiber and contain excellent levels of vitamins and minerals, so food is very good for added in a healthy diet.

Chia seeds

Added to smoothies, sprinkle on cereals and yoghurt also, or add it to your homemade bread recipes, but always try to incorporate the chia seeds into your daily diet. This seeds is source of vitamins and minerals and essential for your body. Chia seeds are also rich in fiber that can be added menu on your diet.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds with a little oil and salt plus, then baked and enjoyed as a healthy alternative to snacks. Seeds can also be added to homemade bread and a mixture of other recipes. Any food with added sunflower seeds must have had high levels of the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are added to the mixture bread or other types of food can help significantly improve the overall important vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and vitamin B3. Pumpkin seeds are also delicious roasted with a little salt and oil and eaten as a healthy alternative to crisps.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are a tasty way to help improve the overall level of nutrients in food. These foods are rich sources of fiber, omega fatty acids and protein. Sesame seeds can be mixed in the butter that can be used in sandwiches, and these seeds can be added to homemade bread and pancake recipe.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts are often used as the basic ingredient when making pesto. But it can also be used to make bread nut, peanut burger and stuffing. Pine nuts are also delicious in a variety of blends. Pine nuts are an excellent source of protein and a variety other essential nutrients, but as many nuts are high in fat and should be consumed in moderation.


This nut can provide a tasty and savory taste to a wide variety of processed foods. Almond also plays well when sown in fruits, cereals and yoghurt. Almond also include sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals, including 16% daily needs for vitamin B3 per Cup.

Flax seed

Flax seed can be easily inserted into the smoothie, splashing above their yogurt or cereal for breakfast and add them to the mix of trail or homemade bread. This seed is rich in vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health. Foods in high niacin vitamin B3 is flax seed.

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are often used to make processed sweet which is very healthy, but it will be better again when used in homemade muesli, gives a sense of the soft, sweet. Macadamia nuts can also be added to the bread nut, bean burgers and vegetarian stuffing mix.


This gentle, sweet peas can be mixed and used as a topping on toast or pitta bread, butter produced can also be mixed with cacao and agave syrup to provide a healthy alternative to commercially produced chocolate sprinkles. Hazelnut can also serve as a snack and can be chopped and added to Homemade Granola.

Pistachio nuts

Pistachio nuts are an excellent source of omega fatty acids that have been proven to support heart health and brain. Enjoy the pistachio nuts as a snack, combine into butter beans to be used on bread or toast.


Like most nuts, Pecans contain a very good amount of fiber and minerals are essential for good health. They also contain about 6% of daily requirement of vitamin B3 per serving one cup. Pecans can be included in the nuts and bread stuffing mix, taste and chopped into porridge with honey.


Included in the diet of walnuts, you can look forward to significantly increase overall from the nutrients in your body including vitamin B3. Walnuts give delicious taste of peanut and nut burger patties, and really delicious in a variety of blends.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts can be blended into the butter beans are then seasoned with a marinade or spices for delicious provides an alternative to hummus. Cream nuts also works very well in curries and stir fries, providing a lightweight texture


Oily fish provides a very good amount of omega fatty acids which are essential to keep the brain and heart health, as well as almost 100% recommended daily allowance of Niacin per average-sized slices. Enjoy the mashed mackerel on bread for breakfast, put it in a fish Pie.


There are various types of tuna consumed around the world. Therefore, level of vitamin B3 that is in the content of tuna fish variety. Tuna can be enjoyed with grilled as steak the way in with vegetables, or added to a fish Pie, paella and soup.


Turkey can be enjoyed at any dinner dish that usually use chicken, including processed Curry, fried and grilled. Meat is chopped, used in lasagna bologhnaise and as an alternative to the healthy side dish substitute the beef.


In General, levels of vitamin B3 is available in salmon depends on the type of salmon. Salmon was delicious, versatile fish in a fish pie, homemade fishcakes or lightly grilled and served with vegetables.

Fish tilapia

One hundred species of fresh water fish, but are now abundant in fresh water that many around the world. They have a flavor quite savory, tender flesh make it an excellent alternative to fish such as cod and haddock fish in a fish Pie and paella.

Brown rice

This rice is packed more healthy than white rice because they contain high levels of fiber that lowers cholesterol evil in your blood and helps maintain a healthy weight. So, foods in high niacin vitamin B3 is brown rice.


Quinoa is one few plant foods that are considered complete proteins, which means that it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to thrive, but can not make it on its own. Can be used for hot and cold salad makes a delicious, or a substitute for rice as a side of meat and vegetables.

Azuki bean

Azuki bean is a small, red, typical sweetness make this one nut is ideal for serving. This nut can also be mixed with spices such as chili or cumin makes a great alternative to your food.


Green beans including foods in high niacin, its good for salads, added to red bean paste sauce and breaking. Nut  also has a wide amount of nutrients available.

Green peas

Peas contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are good for the development body. Peas proved to be easy to digest, you can consume on a regular basis by adding it to the menu in diet by add on sauce, Curried mince and pasta, risotto, as well as a side dish.

Red beans

Red beans can be served in the beef and tomato-based dishes such as chili. Beans can also be used to create simple as well as meat loaf mix burger. Red beans including foods in high niacin vitamin B3.

Lima beans

Perhaps better known as butter beans, lima beans is having a mild flavour, cream nuts that can be blended into a delicious peanut sauce and flavored with ingredients such as garlic, lemon and basil. They are also extra good in pasta dishes and can be used to make a recipe called gigantes plaki, which is basically a giant baked beans, just healthy.


This herb wood with strong taste resembles the shallots and garlic to make delectable sauce smeared on grilled chicken. Sage is generally a component of stuffing and has been used in traditional herbal medicine in tea and tinctures for centuries.

Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds can be added to salads to issue a little spicy which works very well if the salad is set aside with egg or tuna. This slightly spicy beans can also be mixed with water to make a paste that can be smeared on the beef before baking.


Oregano is often used in many recipes of Mediterranean style. That means timber, earthy flavor that it set aside with tomatoes, beef and cheese-based dishes; can be processed very well with chilli and garlic in a homemade flatbreads. Embed the oregano in olive oil will also make delicious oils are perfect for drizzling over salad and hot pasta. Well, oregano also foods in high niacin/vitamin B3.


Cumin has many amazing health benefits for body. not weird when caraway is currently made of materials for making the drug pharmacies or herbal remedies. Its foods in high niacin vitamin B3. way contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to maintain good health.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae which is believed to be something super health conscious circles, and when you check out a nutritional profile that is not hard to understand why. spirulina powder can be added to smoothies and juices or in the form of fresh, can be cooked into a paste and bologhnaise sauce to give it a boost of nutrition.


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