40 Foods has Content of High Potassium Including Fruits

Potassium is a mineral that is an important enough role as electrolytes in the body, where its performance sends an electrical signal to all areas in the body. Well, the mineral potassium can’t be manufactured by the body, to combat this you could consume a variety of foods has content of high potassium. You also need not fear the impact of the shortage and excess potassium because the kidneys will set its own levels of potassium will be needed by the body, when excess potassium then this will be expelled through the urine.

Foods has Content of High Potassium


Potassium has an important role to keep the organs in the body including the heart and nervous system. It can be found in high quantities in all types of food including fruits, vegetables, meat and food sources of flour. The following foods has content of high potassium including :


Foods has content of high potassium including Breadfruit, and high fiber. Benefits of content potassium high in regulating the working of the nervous system and heart. As for the other benefits of breadfruit is able to control blood sugar levels, prevent bowel cancer, lower bad cholesterol and can nourish the skin and hair.


Source foods in high omega 6, which is good for reducing the attack of heart disease and stroke. Well, even they are also rich in monounsaturated oleic acid which makes cholesterol remained steady. Avocado including foods in high potassium, it can maintain heart healthy. Its also contains folic acid / vitamin B9 which can add to the formation of red blood cells, so it’s good for pregnant women.


Foods has content of high potassium including Dates, Its contain of high fiber and amino acids that can nourish the digestive tract so it can avoid constipation. It is good for the body’s nervous system and brain work. Even if you want to overcome anemia can consume fruit is also high in iron will. In the date palm is also there are minerals such as magnesium, selenium, copper and manganese are good enough for bone health.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit has vitamin C is high. The fruit is also high in minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium which is very useful for regulating blood circulation in the heart and helps the performance of motor muscle function and the nervous system of the body. Its potassium content can even cope with insomnia as well as nourish the stomach.

Red Guava

Red guava is regularly consumed by way of the juice and no doubt very beneficial for health. Guava has the antioxidant content of vitamin C can boost the immune system and prevent free radicals. It is so beneficial in preventing the body’s electrolyte deficiency. Minerals are one of this Act regulate the working muscles and the heart. Not only is it red guava is also high in content of lycophene can ward off free radicals and prevent the growth of cancer cells.


It has seeds which pretty much as well as high in vitamin C which acts to ward off free radicals and protects the body from a wide range of dangerous diseases. Its also has a mineral content of magnesium and potassium which can protect and keep the system working the muscles in the body. Well, the next benefit of fruit custard apples is the content of the fibers can overcome constipation, maintain blood pressure balance water content in the body. Consume it can also cope with anemia due to high iron.


Foods has content of high potassium including bananas. Its high in calories is still safe for you category undergoing diet. Potassium content in bananas keep the system working heart muscles and nerves. consuming bananas is very good for all ages because it is easily digested by the gut and is good for digestion.


It is a high content of good water to prevent dehydration and can manage the availability of the electrolite body. Well, this fruit can help blood circulation. Potassium content in watermelon fruit is quite high which can be relaxes heart and the system may prevent stroke.


Foods has content of high potassium including pear. This fruit contains a high anti-allergy that can overcome this type of allergy. Pears also contain fiber which is high enough that it can be overcome and prevent digestive problems. Its also contains anti carcinogen that can cope with the symptoms of high blood pressure and stroke.


Foods has content of high potassium including Papaya. In this papaya also contain flavonoids and lutein can ward off attacks of non-radial and can keep the body from lung disease.  Papaya fruit also contain folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, acting in the metabolism as well as overcoming the immune disorders.


Its has content of beta carotene. In addition, mango also has a content of antioxidants that are able to fight free radicals. Well, certainly the mango has a helpful all potassium content in tackling disorders such as heart rate, muscle and nervous system in the body. Potassium content in the fruit of mango could help the body regulate fluid supplies the body with such body is not easy fat and tired.


Celery including foods in high potassium which can dilate blood vessels, reducing as well as lowering blood pressure. So good is consumed for maintaining heart health. Not only that, celery is also high in vitamin C can increase the immunity of the body. There are more benefits from consuming vegetable that one is able to improve the system of arteries and veins in the brain and heart.


Foods has content of high potassium including potato. The content of nutrients in potatoes is good also for the health of the body especially there is vitamin C antioxidants this will keep the system durability body and minimize the risk of cancer. There are also deposits of potassium effectively overcome hypertension and regulate cholesterol levels in the blood. In addition, potatoes have vitamin B6 which can keep the brain and nerve function. Would have been good too consumed to overcome depression or the pressure of the mind.

Bamboo shoots

Bamboo entry categories these vegetables come from the roots of bamboo. It is high in fiber and low in calories so very good for you who want to lose weight. In addition, fiber is also good for digestive health and can lower cholesterol. Well, in bamboo shoots, there is vitamin B, riboflavin and niacin which is believed to be able to help streamline the system metabolism. Certainly there are also copper and potassium content in bamboo shoots that can maintain the health of nervous system, helps regulate heartbeat and fight the effects of the buildup of sodium in the body.


foods has content of high potassium included kiwi. Its many benefits including IE can maintain the nervous system, has a soothing effect makes you sleep soundly, lower blood pressure, healthy gut, overcome constipation, normalize the heartbeat, as well as overcoming the various problems related to the heart. Kiwi fruit also has a relatively high content of vitamin C which is good for the body of antioxidants that can ward off free radicals and increase the immunity of the body.


Legume vegetables that have a green color is also high in fiber which can overcome constipation, maintain the health of the digestive system, as well as lowering bad cholesterol in your body. Well, in this there is a content of beans named isoflavones which can minimize the risk of breast cancer because of the high content of sterols and there is also a vitamin B complex can help the body’s metabolic system and work system of enzymes in the body. Let alone the potassium content in beans can keep the system liquid in the body and helps keep the heart of health systems.

Bok Choy

foods has content of high potassium including bok choy, it is able to keep the muscular system working as well as maintaining the body’s health. Then there is the content of folic acid which may help the DNA in making red blood cells. Vitamin A and vitamin K in bok choy are beneficial in maintaining eye health and keeping the system development.


Taro which was a type of root vegetables. It content of the fibers can overcome digestive disorders, maintaining heart health, and lose weight. In addition, there are the content of vitamin E that can fight free radicals cause the growth of cancer cells. Next, there is the potassium content can help lower high blood pressure.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is tasty and savory foods that have high content of fiber that can help keep your digestive health, heart disease and can prevent constipation. In the sweet potato was also there is the potassium content can keep the muscle function, nerve, heart rate system and help maintain heart health. Well, the antioxidant content in sweet potato is high enough that it can ward off free radicals as well as minimize the potential heart attacks.


foods has content of high potassium including pumpkin. One ingredient that is high in fiber that can nourish the digestion, helps the body to absorb nutrients and prevent heart disease. Its also be potassium content that can protect the muscles, keep your heart working system as well as the yellow color on these pumpkins can prevent and reduce the risk of lung cancer.

White Radish / daikon

Its have anthocyanin and phytochemicals that could play a role in preventing the development of cancer cells. In addition to this horseradish also has vitamin C as an antioxidant in the body. Daikon has a potassium content can be set as well as lowering blood pressure, and can also prevent a variety of diseases caused by disorders of the heart. Furthermore, the radish is also high in fiber which is good for diabetics consumed.


Mustard is a common green vegetables we encounter such types of mustard greens and white. This vegetable has a potassium content is good for the digestive system and can set the heart rate. Mustard also contains phosphorus which is good for bones and teeth. Not only that, it also has magnesium and calcium in maintaining a good working system of muscles and nerves.


One of the nuts that is often used as soybeans processed ingredients such as tofu, tempeh and soy milk. As a vegetable source of protein which will enough essential amino acids that are so important to the body. Also, be aware of the soy does not contain cholesterol, it is definitely can lower bad cholesterol and its potassium content can maintain heart health.

Red beans

Certainly no stranger anymore to hear red beans. The taste is savory and scrumptious for consumption is very good for our health. It is not detached from content like vitamin B, magnesium, folic acid and potassium is certainly very beneficial in heart health, formation of red blood cells and was labelled an our energy Enhancer


Edamame is a kind of soy origin Japan. Edamame had a high content of potein are good for improving the stamina of the body and is also low in fat content. Types of soy contains magnesium and potassium is high enough that it can maintain the health of teeth and bones, as well as good for the nervous and muscle system work.

Black beans

It was like crispy has a lot of content such as iron, calcium and potassium are very good for maintaining heart health, increasing blood (anemia tackle), bone health and teeth. For those of you who are on a diet, red bean snacks could be the content of fiber and protein will be quite high, as well as good for your digestion so that it can be spared from constipation.


Almonds is a kind of legume that processed a wide variety of food. The nut is quite famous in Europe and the Middle East as a snack. The content will be potassium can lower cholesterol, maintain a healthy heart. These nuts are high copper content also, magnesium, and vitamin E which is good for bone health, dental, reproductive health, hair and skin.

Cashew nuts

foods has content of high potassium including cashew nuts. Consuming this bean can be spared from the attack of free radicals and prevent cancer. It is not without reason given the calorie content of cashew nuts, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. Its also high in oleic fatty acid content which has a role in controlling cholesterol levels as well as nourish the heart. Not only that the content of iron, magnesium and potassium contained in this bean can prevent anemia and bone disorders.


Salmon fishing including fish served raw food typical for Japan. These fish are found in many supermarkets in the packaging of fresh pieces. Consume salmon for all types of processed unwittingly is very good for the health of the body. Well, the potassium content of salmon has a role in improving the health of the heart. Its also contains high protein and essential amino acid, which has the role to add. Awesome again this fish also contain healthy fats that are good in controlling cholesterol levels and improve brain performance and memory functions.


Sardines that have the texture of the meat is tender and has a small shape turned out to give you an amazing body health when consumption. Healthy fat content in them can control cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Not only that, the content of potassium and calcium contained in sardines is great to prevent strokes and heart disease. Then, there is also a vitamin D which is good for your bones and dental health.


Milk including types of preparations of protein derived from animals is very good for health. Well, the fat found in cow’s milk is good for you who are undergoing the diet because it can lower cholesterol levels and can provide energy intake is good for the performance of the metabolism of the body. Milk containing high vitamin D is good for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Then, the content of potassium, calcium and magnesium in it is good for the health of nerves and the brain.


Tuna fish common in the form of cans of tuna fish types include fresh and healthy. Well, the tuna also have high mercury content because their habitats are at sea. Its contain high protein is good for the body’s metabolic system and provide the best source of energy.  Then, the content of fatty acids and potassium in these fish can minimize disease stroke and heart. and its content of omega 3 fatty acids and contain high vitamin B12 in these fish can be keep the blood pressure result in hypertension, and may control blood sugar levels and can dilate blood vessels.


Catfish are very commonly found in traditional markets as well as the many that make farmed fish. This low calorie fish so good for you that is undergoing diet program. Not only that, these fish also contains omega 3 fatty acids that nourish the heart as well as controlling cholesterol levels and prevent all kinds of diseases of inflammation. Well, the next catfish high potassium content is good for the heart rate.


Food sources that contain high potassium is the egg. The food is a favorite community is very salubrious and easily processed. Consume the eggs after the activity is very good because it can restore the body’s energy. The content of iron in the egg can overcome my tired and headache. for potassium content that exists in the egg does not so much like a banana, but it can keep the system working the muscles and nerves.


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