35 Foods and Drinks has Content high Diuretics Natural

Diuretic is the nature of a substance of food, which can spur the performance of the kidneys to increase urine secretion system. Diuretics cause a lot of sodium in the urine in out by the kidneys. For keep sodium remains balanced, the body will need to add so much water on the process of formation. Well, the water is sourced from the bloodstream. The urine in excess can make out the fluid in the blood vessels as well as the pressure of the arteries decreases. That’s why the foods and drinks has content high diuretics impact consumed sufferers of hypertension and heart.

In fact many functions of a diuretic, which can relieve symptoms of various diseases. So, this refers to the diuretic every substance that is potent in reducing salt and excess body fluid through the secretion of urine. Diuretic foods or taking medication can cause dehydration due to the decline of the electrolytes in the body. So you need a consulting physician before consumption.

source of diuretic on some foods and herbs have natural diuretic properties. By consuming such foods, will be able to overcome water retention which can increase body weight. Diuretic foods also has the role of improving the body’s metabolism and reduce fat. Foods that contain diuretic properties very worthy for consumption for those of you who want to lose weight and can lower high blood. Or, for those of you who suffer from high blood pressure.


Foods and Drinks has Content High Diuretics


The following foods and drinks has content high diuretics, which is :

Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is useful for improving the performance of the kidneys as well as help in the cleaning system of the urine. Diuretic properties contained in Apple vinegar good to overcome a urinary tract infection.


High carotene carrot that is helpful in stimulating the metabolism, as well as get rid of the flab on the body. Carrots also includes natural diuretic, which is good for patients with gout because it could prevent the formation of crystals.


The cabbage including vegetable which has a natural diuretic properties. A study also shows the content of cabbage that can be effective in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Fruit Melon

Melons have a relatively high moisture content. Well, melon and watermelon also contains potassium and sodium that can eliminate toxins in the body and increases the production of urine.


Asparagus vegetable species containing asparigine or alkaloid chemistry. This is alkaline compounds can improve kidney function so that it can assist in the production of waste from the body.


The effect of diuretics on vegetable lettuce it can dispense toxins from the body and improves the body’s metabolism.


Cucumbers have the effect of detoxification in the body tissues and can help prevent dehydration. Cucumber also is beneficial in weight control and to improve the performance of the functions of the urinary system.


Wheat products like oatmeal or oat-containing silica substances will include also a natural diuretic, good in lower water retention as well as maintaining the health of your heart.


Drink ginger keeps the body feels warm, did you know? It turns out that ginger can be used to Detox that could discharge excess in the body.


Garlic has such a powerful detoxification effects, this is because there is oil in the garlic Mustard. He can also decay and break down fats. And also includes an amazing natural diuretic.


Vegetable Eggplant is a food that has a natural diuretic properties that can reduce more fluid pad body, so that the Eggplant juice is very effective in lowering your weight.


If the fruit is consumed form of juice can give the effect of diuretic properties. Well, cranberry juice is beneficial in maintaining the pH level of urine acid, increases the rate of secretion of urine, as well as maintain kidney function. Consume the juice it can overcome the problems of the urinary tract and kidney infections.

Green tea

Caffeine in green tea including foods and drinks has content high diuretics. That’s consuming green tea provides a myriad of health benefits for you.


Diuretic properties can be obtained from parsley, best consumed in the form of tea or brewed. Parsley is able to clean up the toxins in the kidneys with blood being so clean.


Lemon including foods and drinks has content high diuretics can overcome a urinary tract infection.


Tomatoes can act as a diuretic, if you consume the cooked directly without first. The fruit is processed with great in juice or can be added into your salad.


High potassium content of celery, water and sodium. Doing so will facilitate the production of urine and body hydration.

Attention diuretic properties will cause the body to lose fluid so much that will effect conferring a reduced nutrients such as electrolytes, potassium, calcium, vitamins and others. So consumption is a lot of nutrients in order to replace lost nutrients.


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