30 Content in Purine Including Foods fruit, etc

If you are looking for food to avoid uric acid, food containing high purine should be. This is because these foods will cause your body to produce more purine, which in turn can cause attacks of gout. Consult with your doctor about the best way to treat and manage Your gout is a good idea, and this list will give You some insight on what to keep your dishes.

Content in Purine Including Foods fruits, etc

The following content in purine including foods fruits, vegetables, and etc, which are :

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are normally preferred as a light snack, but should be avoided if you are suffering from gout. Presentation of sunflower seeds contains 143 milligrams of purine, which if consumed daily can increase the levels of urea You significantly.


Sardines are high purine foods so it should be avoided by sufferers of gout, so you avoid disease gout. These fish are also high omega 3 fatty acids.


It is something food should be avoided by you. Due to a fairly high fat content which can raise bad cholesterol in the body. Well, the offal is also containing high purine. For that you need to avoid if you have cholesterol or uric acid.


While often thought of as the food eaten only by aristocratic ritzy, caviar is often provided in the form of sushi. Well, did you know? This turns out to be caviar containing purine amounted to 144 mg. For that you need to avoid to consume caviar in order to attack uric acid doesn’t come back.


The ducks as well as the main menu for a great restaurant. Content in purine including duch, very high. So that the ducks should not be consumed by sufferers of gout.


Chicken may be one of the most delicious food that is on the table. It was the meat being one in the world. Content in purine including chicken higher than beef that is amounting to 175 mg. Can already inferred you sufferers of gout should avoid eating chicken.


Content in purine including herring, so high. This fish is fairly high purine containing of 110-345 mg. So that the fish is highly recommended for patients with gout. You can ask for recommendations with the doctor about the fish where you consume. Because there are a lot of fish containing purine. 

Lentils and cashew nuts

Although lentils are becoming more popular because of the many health benefits. One of the content of the beans is a high purine of 127 mg, it’s obvious sufferers of gout should avoid beans on this one.


If you have been diagnosed with gout you may have been told to avoid shells at all. Yups, shells containing purine amounting to 136 mg, that’s why you should avoid consuming shellfish. Content in purine including shellfish, its very higher than mussels and lobster.


Shrimp containing a fairly high purine from shellfish, namely of 147 mg, for sufferers of gout so your attacks do not come back, you should avoid eating shrimp.


You must take care consume venison because the amount of relatively high Purine content i.e. amounting to 138 mg. This is also a good source of protein, which can aggravate the symptoms of gout.


Raisin turns can cause problems for people with gout, it is due to a fairly high purine content of 107 mg. Very easy to foods that you should avoid are fish, shellfish, and meat, but don’t forget to also avoid eat raisins


The sheep turns out to be extremely high in purine containing i.e. amounting to 182 mg, for gout sufferers should consume the meat of sheep because the larger purine content of dagubf cows.


Lobster is also to be avoided for gout sufferers, high purine content in it large enough that is 118 mg. lobsters are also easily found and it was indeed tasty, but when you are suffering from gout to be more careful.


The beef should be avoided for gout sufferers due to the womb of cow in fairly high purine that is 110-133 mg. this Content is higher than the offal and sardines.


The seeds of cacao and tea leaves contain theobromine is quite high, this content is an alkaloid with structures resembling caffeine where high purine. Cacao is the base material in making dark chocolate. For it need to avoid these foods.

Alcohol and yeast

Alcohol is one of the largest contributors to gout. Beer yeast, especially including the biggest cause. Content in purine including alcohol and yeast, which increases the production of uric acid that leads to gout. The study also found that drinking beer during the attacks of gout can significantly increase the intensity. This wine is also quite high in Purine, so consume it in moderation. Limit your consumption to two glasses a week.


Content in purine including vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus, spinach and cauliflower so high levels. Purine levels in these vegetables depending on the soil they grow. Limit your intake of these vegetables to no more than two servings a day.

High purine foods containing


But, no need to worry there are also foods that are low in purine will namely cabbage, radish, lettuce, cherries, beans, radishes, corn, potatoes, and carrots. Another one would be a low purine namely bananas, melons, apples and oranges. There is also a low purine nut i.e. peanut, hazelnut peanut seed and jackfruit.

Harmful effects of purine :

Purine levels consume in excess can increase uric acid in the body, which causes attacks of gout appeared. Uric acid is one of the most painful and debilitating arthritic condition in the world. This usually occurs in the joints, especially the big toe and ankle. If not treated soon, gout can be severely damaged.

Symptoms of gout sufferers suddenly attacks. Symptoms may not last for more than a week, but may come back in a few days. Some people also experience chronic pain due to attacks of gout.

Symptoms of gout attacks are common include:

  • Sudden pain in the hands, wrists, toes, and ankles
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Extreme joint pain
  • Red or purple skin around joints
  • Extreme joint warming

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