6 Food Containing of Thiamin / Vitamin B1


Food containing of Thiamin
Blueberry include content of thiamin very high

There are many types of foods including vegetables, fruits, meats containing vitamin B1 or thiamin is so high. When you consume this intake, then many benefits for the health of body other. As for the food containing of thiamin is like including fish, meat, cereals, seeds, beans, eggs and wheat.

Food Containing of Thiamin


Many of the benefits gained from nutrition vitamin b1, to get this intake can be obtained from a variety of foods is certainly healthy. There are many types foods containing of thiamine like is :

Source types of meat 

The meat produced canned packaging apparently containing thiamin. Include high when compared to vitamin thiamin on the vegetables and fruit. The following types of meat that have high content of vitamin B1 that is organ meats and beef liver including food containing of thiamin is high enough, thats beef also contains rich vitamin B1 and there are plenty of low-fat meat including high content of vitamin B1. One more chicken meat containing thiamin higher than beef.

Source types of fish

Common foods include fish served at meals. One of fish containing high in thiamin is tuna, of which about 4 ounces of flesh give you will need a daily intake of vitamin B1 as much as 0.45 mcg. Another salmon that will provide daily intake is the same as consuming fish tuna.  If you don’t like fish, you could consume supplements that will help give you a daily intake of vitamins thiamin.


Well, cereals including processed foods from grain already you can find anywhere. If the developing countries are already a cereal food that there had to be at the dinner table. Because of its nutrition value foods including cereal high expensive. For vitamin B1 in cereals include high. Measure a quarter Cup is capable of giving you 0.5 mcg vitamin B1. You can consume cereal by adding meat or fish can also fruit or vegetables to suit your taste.

Whole grains

Seeds include food containing of thiamin / vitamin B1 is high, this whom are peanuts, nuts raisins, walnuts, brazil nuts, dried beans. Measure the representation of sunflower seeds as much as 100 grams can give you a daily intake of vitamin B1 as much as 1.48 mcg. There are more pine nuts with just the presentation of same sunflower seeds can give you a daily intake of vitamin B1 as much as 1.28 mcg. Furthermore, the pistachio nuts with just same rendering can also give you daily intake will need vitamin B1 as much as 0.87 mcg. Then, macadamia nuts with the presentation of as many as 100 grams will give you daily intake by as much as 0.7 mcg vitamin B1. Later, the nuts with same rendering can give you 0.66 mcg daily intake of the vitamin thiamin would be this.

Source type of Nuts

There are many nuts that containing thiamin is so high as the peas are served in as many as 100 grams can give you a daily intake of vitamin B1 amounting to 0.4 mcg. Next, black beans are served per cup can give you a daily intake of the vitamin thiamin needs as much as 0.42 mcg. one more beans or lima beans are served per cup can give you daily intake will vitamn B1 as much as 24.7 mcg.

Egg high vitamin B1

These categories include favorite food containing of thiamin for everyone because of the consumption of all ages, it is inseparable from benefits of eggs are good for the health of body. If you do not consume cereal, you can replace it by consuming eggs are also high in vitamin B1. one egg containing thiamin as much as 0.03 mcg.

Wheat rich vitamin B1

Wheat has become the main export commodities for the United States, and have been processed in a variety of foods such as cakes, breads, oatmeal and other meals, this is not easy because regardless of wheat processed, even so ingredients in thats making of noodles. Well, certainly it has grain content of vitamin B1 is quite high, where per cup of oats gives you a daily intake of vitamins thiamin amounted to 4.47 mcg.


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