44 Foods of Albumin Good Healthy

foods of albumin

Foods of Albumin. Foods that have a content of albumin also there is its high content of protein we consume every day. Well, these include Albumin a protein primary the most soluble in water and has a role in controlling the osmotic pressure of blood. Doing so can prevent the existence of other body tissue damage.

Foods of Albumin High


The following foods that contain albumin for the health body, including :


Vegetable that one has a high content of protein. Where for a half cup of vegetable broccoli, you can meet the needs of daily intake albumin as much as 2 gr. Broccoli there are vitamin A, vitamin B and iron and zinc.


Spinach is high in iron turned out to also include food sources containing high content of albumin protein and also provide the facility of health care.


Vegetable asparagus has a protein content of about 2 grams to half a Cup. Consuming vegetable is excellent for children in periods growth.

Peas beans

This bean has a protein content of about 8.6 grams for one cup. Not only that, it also has a high content of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and is also a powerful phosphorous in protect your heart from less substance to albumin.


The type of potato tubers include source foods of albumin is quite high. For 100 gr potatoes can meet the needs of your daily protein intake 2 gr. Potatoes also content saturated fat quickly, to avoid the consumption of potatoes by means with steamed or boiled.


This vegetable content 3 grams of protein for one cup. This cauliflower can be served with sauteed in a way using olive oil or corn so that his nutritional awake so that it can increase the levels of albumin in the blood.


Well, these sprouts content fiber and compounds have anti-cancer substances are medically able to stop the spread of cancer cells in the early stage. Consuming one cup of sprouts can give you a daily intake of protein 35 gr.


They have content 25 g of protein for 100 gr. beans good for healthy blood cells, since these beans can improve the performance in liver organ system in producing the levels of albumin in body.

Sweet corn

Anti-cancer substances content very effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells. Corn also has some minerals and vitamins such as protein and fiber. Young corn you can stir-fry with vegetable ingredients by combining other also has a rich protein so that the benefits of sweet corn can be absorbed by the body.


It has many good nutrition for the body as phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, zinc and potassium. Mushrooms include foods that are low in calories, but has many protein. Mushrooms are good for children because the growth period has very little carbohydrates quantities. Mushrooms include foods of albumin high that is suitable for consumption of all ages.


Mangosteen is famous because of the content substance that is anti-cancer xamthone. Well, this fruit is also high in protein. Where 100 gr fruit mangosteen can give you a daily intake of protein 0.5 grams.


Dates content as much as 2.50 grams of protein for a size 100 gr. Protein in it Which is great for the health fetus a baby and uterus. Dates can also improve the health heart and kidneys so that the levels of albumin can quickly go up can also arise from the performance of organ systems.

Red guava

Red guava fruits include high protein. For size 1 guava content 3.2 grams protein. in a serving size. Well, consuming this fruit can also resolve inflammation as well as healthy digestion.


This fruit include food sources that content albumin. Bananas are also recommended to be eaten daily as a substitute for rice, in addition to the safe is also healthy. Well, the fruit banana with size 100 grams can give you a daily intake of protein as much as 4 gr.


This fruit also included food sources containing high albumin is contains 6 grams to 2 apples are ripe, it also containing fiber and vitamin E are good in protecting the skin tissue.


Orange which not only content vitamin C as well as anti-bacterial substances, it also content protein so that it can improve health in liver tissue in the production of albumin.


Avocado fruit can provide the daily intake of protein as much as 2 grams for a size 100 grams avocado. This fruit also content high vitamin E may repair skin tissue with a substance that when albumin in the body condition good then vitamin E will act accelerates wound healing skin tissue.

Passion fruit

Content 0.40 grams of protein for a size one. Passion fruit also has a high content of vitamins A and C vitamins as well as minerals that could support the protein in protecting the liver, kidney and gastrointestinal tissues.


Content 0.4 grams of protein for size 100 grams. Peaches will be better at eating if it is properly cooked. Because when it’s sweet doesn’t make your stomach is compromised (for patients with ulcers).

Dragon fruit

This fruit is very fresh and delicious when in juice, amazing fruit content high albumin, where for a dragon fruit content albumin approximately 1.40 Gr. Even nutrition protein in it will be the same although different colors.


Tuna has a protein content of about 29 g/100 g. Well, this very secure fish consumed every day because content of albumin in it very secure real age.


Catfish can meet the daily intake of protein as much as 15.6 grams to supply 3 ounces, catfish is great for children’s brain development and may protect heart and brain networks for adults.


Well, salmon content omega 3 high and approximately 19 g protein for supplies 3 ounces. These fish can be consumed with all ages to meet daily needs protein.

Fish Cork

These fish content protein of about 20 grams to supply 3 ounces. Very safe consumption by all ages. Even this fish including source foods of albumin is great for children who are malnourished.

Chicken breast

Part of high protein chicken breast, where to stock 100 grams content 28 grams protein. Consume the chicken breast is very good for the growth children one of which is good for the brain.


Have a protein content as much as 22.7 grams to 100 grams of beef supplies, but for veal in a higher amount of protein around 34.94 grams to 100 grams of supplies. Beef including source foods of albumin can be recommend by dietitians to meet daily protein, especially for children who do not like milk, anemic and malnourished.

Turkey Meat

Protein content approximately 23.5 grams to 100 grams of good preparation in the meal to meet daily protein. Well, interestingly the Turkey meat is low in calories and will provide many essential minerals for a healthy body.

Lamb Chops

Meat of this one often made goulash baked or on the barbeque. It has a high protein content of about 20.8 grams to 100 grams of supplies that can stabilize blood albumin substance to new people recovering from illness.

Meat of Eel

Eels including source foods of albumin high that can enhance a child’s intelligence and can improve focus or concentration and stamina of the body in adults.

Rabbit Meat

Rabbits also included one food sources that content albumin approximately 21.9 grams to 100 grams of meat supplies rabbit has low in calories and good for the health body of all ages. It is suitable also for a child who is still in its infancy.


Yogurt probiotics from foods including fermented which produces good bacteria in maintaining digestive system from various attacks bad bacteria.

Goats milk

Next food source will be protein content is goat’s milk. Well, animal milk this one will give you 3.5 grams protein to stock one cup where the protein content in it is very good for the health of bones, muscles and skin. Goat’s milk can be consumed in different ages.

Foods of albumin, etc. like is :

– Cow milk
– Cheese
– Cereals
– Wheat
– Brown rice
– Almond
– Cashew nuts
– Hazelnut
– Seafood
– Fish Cork
– Turmeric
– Egg


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