20 Foods Containing in Saturated Fat Including



Fat including nutrients needed by the body. However, fat is divided as well in some type is saturated fat (evil fats) and unsaturated fats (good fats). Some health experts also recommend you consume saturated fat but with a little portion. Saturated fats can also make you obesity that increases the risk of emergence various kinds of diseases, one of which heart disorders. When consumed daily by the amount without limit. Well, for you who want the ideal weight, you need to control what type of food you can consume. For the selection of foods containing in saturated fat high actually is also important to avoid the disease.

Foods Containing in Saturated Fat Including


The following sources of foods containing in saturated fat should be restricted in consuming them, such as


Milk include the most common drink is consumed by a wide range of ages. It has a high contain of iron and calcium can be compacting bone. But the kind of milk that has been processed to have a relatively high fat content.

Foods containing in saturated fat including milk is naturally so as to increase weight of the children. If you want to avoid saturated fats from milk, you can drink low-fat milk.

Ice cream

Ice cream a lot who love food. But, ice cream turned out to have high saturated fat content. It can be obtained from chocolate, vanilla, milk and other ingredients used in the manufacture of ice cream. But don’t overdo it because the sugar content is also high.

Meat of goats

It is a type of meat that have a very high contain of saturated fat. Where the size 100 grams of flesh has a content of 15.80 grams will be saturated fat. However, when it is cooked in its own fat could be more than that. For that reason it’s good you take in consuming mutton.


Beef is foods containing in saturated fat high from type of red meat. The beef is usually processed into various food products such as sausages, steaks, meatballs and other processed products. Well, there is white fibers in the meat that’s saturated fat. Thats of consumption with sparingly.

Chicken Thighs

When you eat chicken for sure choose which parts would want to eat and definitely choose low saturated fat. Well, did you know? the saturated fat content is high it turns out there is on the part of chicken thighs.

Milk Cream

When making salads, cakes or other food, you’re definitely mixing cream milk in order to taste good. It turns out that in process of making milk cream are blended, saturated fat. so that it can make your weight goes up.

Fried chicken

Chicken meat is foods containing in saturated fat very high, especially the legs. But, if you often eat fried chicken can make you at risk exposed to various diseases such as heart, stroke and diabetes. Because the saturated fat levels in deep-fried will rise up to twice as much.


Mayonnaise does have good taste, so often added in a variety of foods. Did you know? It turns out the mayonnaise it has lots of saturated fat content. When blended on your food then can increase calories of the food. So, if you too much eating mayonnaise can gain weight, increase bad cholesterol as well as blood.

Dark chocolate

Consuming chocolate can alter your mood. However, it turns out this chocolate contain saturated fat, where for 100 grams chocolate can give your saturated fat 32.4 grams.

If you consume chocolate in excess can be bad for your health such as increased bad cholesterol as well as diabetes and even damage to the teeth.


Sardines generally packaged in the form of cans turned out to have very high saturated fat content. For the size of 100 grams sardines contain amounted to 29.9 grams saturated fat. This fish is known to have deposits of oil. Well, these fish also contain omega 3 fatty acids that can boost the immune system.


Processed products of butter that is cheese. Behind the rich deposits of calcium and protein, it turns out that cheese also contain saturated fat is high enough. To get the benefits it would be better you consume with the amount is limited.

Fish oil

Fish oil is foods containing in saturated fat very high. Where we know fish and fish oils include the source of omega 3 fatty acids. This is the type of fish that contain high levels of saturated fats namely salmon oil, herring oil, cod liver oil and sardine oil.


Many people are drinking coconut water because of the fresh and healthy. The flesh of coconut fruit is also used for a wide variety foods. Well, it turns out that for 100 grams of unsweetened coconut meat has saturated fat content of 57 gr.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are often used as snacks are delicious as well as healthy have many nutrient content such as fibre, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats. But it also contains a high saturated fat, if consumed excessively can cause a variety of ailments. It is these seeds and nuts, which contain the highest to lowest in saturated fat:

  • Brazil nuts
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Watermelon seeds
  • Cashew nuts
  • Pine nuts
  • Sesame seeds

French fries

It is often used as healthy snacks. Potatoes already included a delicious menu of every restaurant is great. Well, fried potato contain saturated fats that can trigger diseases such as cardiac, stroke, cancer and diabetes.  Actual potatoes including high carbohydrate sources, possibly because of processing with in the fry become contain saturated fat.

Palm oil

Palm tree produces cooking oil that include common oils used in cooking food. In addition these oils are not hard to find. But it turns out that cooking food by using Palm oil can increase saturated fats in the food. So this is what can make you vulnerable to stroke, heart and obesity.


Butter is often used in the making of processed cakes. But it turns out the butter also contain saturated fat. For size 100 grams butter provides 15 grams saturated fat.

Smoked Bacon or Grilled

All red meats prepared with roasted or smoked way contains saturated fats is very high.  Chicken, beef, mutton and meat turkeys have saturated fat content. For it to reduce oil or butter so that the saturated fat content join decreases.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts have the characteristic form of a hard shell and can eat while in a State of raw. These beans contain saturated fat. Don’t eat this nut excessively because they can raise cholesterol, weight gain as well as hypertension and heart.


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