How Ways Prevention of Premature Aging / Wrinkles ?

prevent of premature aging
prevent of wrinkles with way natural

How ways naturally or quickly would have been safe that can prevent of premature aging or wrinkles? Many ways to stay youthful. The main thing you have to do is keep your intake of nutrients into the body. One of them is consume foods or beverages that containing high vitamin E. Regular exercise and drinking plenty of water, and enough rest.

Ways to Prevent of Premature Aging


The following was obtained from several surveys and you try to keep it youthful.

Avoid stress

If you want your youthful try to always be happy and avoid stress that can accelerate premature aging. You can avoid stress by doing a fun activity or doing meditation.

Many eating vegetables

Research shows with lots of eating vegetables can prevent as well as slowing premature aging. This is because vegetables contain antioxidants like vitamin E that are high enough to maintain skin health keep it moist and chewy.

Avoid consuming sugar

It is indeed a bit strange, but the fact of matter is indeed do not consume sugar, moisture skin will stay awake, so as to preventĀ  of premature aging and can slow down process of wrinkles.

Use a moisturizer

Well, to make the appearance of skin looks bright and not dull it’s good you’re using skin moisturizers. It can make your skin soft and hydrated. Not to wrong use a moisturizer due to different skin types as well as not to cause irritation on the skin. It would be nice to your consultation with a dermatologist to find out a suitable moisturizer for your skin.

Don’t raise eyebrows

This will make you quickly experience the aging, because while eyebrows rise inadvertently have created the wrinkles on your face. Typically the eyebrows will rise when person being angry. That’s why many say don’t get angry later old fast.

Enough Sleep

Let the face looks fresh, easy and durable, it’s good not to reduce the rest to your body. Yes, enough sleep at least strive 8 hours.

Consuming many fish

Some studies show that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, it is very beneficial for the skin. Certainly this content can prevent of premature aging or slows down wrinkles.

Use sun block or sunscreen

Actually very good when directly exposed to direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon because it is very beneficial for the skin and also your bones. But, for those of you who are exposed to sunlight during the day to avoid premature aging caused by UV rays, it’s good to use sun block or sunscreen.

Avoid smoking

All certainly know the dangers of smoking was what? One of them can make you old quick. Although no smoking but you inhaled the smoke can also speed up the aging process. and overcome it shun the smoke.

Consume foods containing of vitamin D

Well, it turns out that this one vitamin is not only good for health as well as the density of your bones. Some studies have shown that this vitamin D may slow process of premature aging as well as good for the health of your skin.

Avoid using makeup foundation

Surely you don’t believe that often use a foundation before make up it can accelerate the aging process. For that you don’t use it too often. If possible use makeup without foundation and don’t be too often to keep you youthful.

Many drink mineral water

In order to keep skin moist and fresh and not dried, expand the one drinking plain water. This keeps you awake from skin dull, dry and coarse.

Using sunglasses

If you’re traveling be using sunglasses, this is to protect the eyes from exposure to direct sunlight can create dark circles and wrinkles in the eye.

Eat beans

Some people think consume nuts can cause acne, it isn’t justified, precisely in many consume legumes can provide health effects on your skin, as well as keeping the skin keep hydrated and younger looking.

Drink tea

In addition to benefits that can fight cancer and very high antioxidants, it turns out that tea can relieve stress with so you can look fresh and youthful. It’s already trusted by Chinese community.

Regular exercise

This kind of activity is very good for the health of body, it can even make you stay fresh and youthful. Then, routine is doing sports at least 30 minutes a day.

Make doing sauna

You can create the saunas with herbs, can make your skin look younger, more toned, fresh and even cause a fragrance on your body. so as to prevent of premature aging / wrinkles.

In order to be great you can use masks made from honey, eggs, tomatoes, yogurt, lemon, and much more.


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