How to ways check duplicate content? – If you experience a problem with your blog frequently in steal by blogger plagiarism? Indeed becomes the thing that got you anticipation, if you spend a lot of time just to write unique content as well as the original, but in fact easily copy paste by other blogs.

The most feared is the blog which often do duplicate content will have difficulty in the Google index. So things like this that must be avoided, especially seen from the blog activity already in progress for so long.

How do I find out duplicate blog content?

Well, as for the way to know the existence of duplicate content of a website or blog page has been provided to a number of online tools that are also free. Where you just copy the URL you want to know about duplicate content.

Here are a few tools that will help you to find out duplicate content blog or website:


Copyscape is one good online tools to check for duplicate content. Well, to use it too easily live input the URL that you’d like to know its contents. There are only restrictions for using it, namely a maximum of 4 times the checking of url, more than that you need to become a paid package upgrades.


Furthermore, there are online tools to check duplicate content is good for you to use IE With the design of the dominance of blue color, but still look friendly, similar to copyscape that you do just by entering the URL of your content it will come out the result that shows the percentage of the amount of plagiarism.


There is again a fairly simple usage, i.e., to use it you just do the check writing by doing copy paste your post in an empty box that you have prepared.
In fact, you can also upload the files document you have to know the results of his duplicates. Well, there are a maximum of words that you can check that is 1500 words.


Online tools to find out duplicate content this one has supported more than 190 languages. In fact, these tools can be a combination of these three tools described previously, IE can check in the form of text or simply copy the URL only. Not only do these tools support for the Google search engine, but can be for Yahoo, Bing and Babylon.


These tools are generally widely used some people. Once you have a draft post, you can just copy and paste into the form provided and click submit. The result you can see the number of duplicate and level percent there is a detail which parts are original and which parts are duplicates.


Siteliner is often also include tools that many people use to do a check of duplicate content. This is very interesting because once to check the whole duplicate blog content by simply entering the url of the home page, blog or website and just wait for the result.

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