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12 Benefits of Pistachios to Healthy Body

Pistachios may sound familiar to our ears. However, other names chickpeas. You should try it becauseĀ benefits of pistachios. This has many benefits and has a delicious taste. Low calorie content, high nutritional value and taste like pistachio nuts make an excellent snack for children and adults. These tasty nuts has been honored as a powerful symbol of health since ancient times.

Anacaradiaceae pistachio tree belongs to the family and native of Syria, Greece, and West Asia. Trees of all sizes and grow with a height of about 10 meters. Green beans is enclosed in an egg-shaped shell. There are many kinds of pistachio, Kerman variety being the most popular.

Nutrition content of Pistachio Nuts


Pistachio is a nut with a good source of nutrients. Nuts are packed with B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate and thiamin. It is also rich in minerals such as copper, magnesium, selenium, protein, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. One cup of pistachios provides about 520 calories. Approximately 450 of their calories in pistachio comes from monounsaturated fat.

Benefits of Pistachios to Healthy Body


One of the most talked about of the pistachio is a benefit that is effective in skin health. By getting the nutritional intake of pistachios, skin looks healthy and bright. The benefits of pistachios for healthy body, the skin as follows:

prevent acne

Pistachio affect insulin levels and controlling blood circulation, prevent acne. Elevated blood sugar can produce excess oil that can cause acne. Pistachio containing selenium, will work together with Vitamin E to overcome the inflammation and wrinkles on the skin ..

Neutralize free radicals

These nuts also contain a strong antioxidant such as vitamin C and vitamin E which protects the skin against UV radiation damage. Selenium also helps in the formation of glutathione, which neutralize free radicals that give adverse effects on skin cells healthy.

Slowing the aging

It has high content of vitamin E, the benefits of pistachios can help to improve skin elasticity. As well as slowing the aging and prevent wrinkles, making the skin stay young. Vitamin E protects cell membranes, making the skin more healthy and lustrous.

Dry skin

Essential oils contained in pistachios reduce dry skin. It hydrates the skin and regulate the production of sebum, the skin’s natural conditioner.

source of antioxidants

Pistachio including food sources that contain antioxidants such as lutein, vitamin E and vitamin C. Carotene and Vitamin E is found in pistachios can protect the body from free radical oxidative damage.

heart healthy

The benefits of pistachios can help provide heart health. Because they contain high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids that help to reduce high blood pressure. Phytosterol contained in pistachios reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol. Thereby helping to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Pistachio consumption also reduces the stress associated with high blood pressure.

The immune system

Adequate intake of pistachios can help boost the immune system healthy. Because they contain high concentrations of Vitamin B6, which is essential for maintaining the immune system to function properly. High levels of antioxidants in pistachios may help in the defense of various microbial diseases.

nourish the eyes

Pistachios can also help to improve vision. The content of carotenoids in this nut will act to protect the eyes from age-related disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Lutein and zeaxanthin are found in pistachios will prevent the eyes from harmful UV radiation damage.

source arginine

Pistachio is one of the best sources of arginine. This molecule helps in improving the body’s many functions in the process. Arginine plays an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes in the body. This increases the nitrate in the body, which prevents the buildup of clogging of the artery wall.

Anti cancer

Pistachios are rich in antioxidants that help to reduce the likelihood of skin cancer, colon, and lung. These beans high in gamma-tocopherol inhibits the entry of solar radiation that is harmful to the skin.

Good for the nervous system

High levels of Vitamin B6 in pistachios helps in the formation of amino acids. Turn evolved amine compounds that act as neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 is also synthesize myelin, which forms around nerve fibers isolasidi cover for proper transport of the signal. Pistachios also produce serotonin, melatonin and GABA, which helps to reduce stress. It also contains copper, which is responsible for neurotransmission.

Weight management

Pistachio high in monounsaturated fat. This fat soluble naturally, they do not cause weight gain. These beans are rich in fiber, which makes you feel full longer, preventing overeating. Proteins in pistachio use fat and burn it, rather than save it. Do not consume high amounts pistachio, because it includes foods rich in calories.

Pista oil

Pistachios oil is used in skin care products to soften properties. It is used on the skin to keep dry on the surface. This oil is also used as a carrier or base oils in aromatherapy, massage therapy, and cosmetic industries.


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