Healthy Benefits of Sugar Apple

40 Healthy Benefits of Sugar Apple for Body

Sugar Apple is a fruit that is often gently sweet and delicious as well as the many growing in Asian countries. This is also known as Custard Apple, because it comes from the tree “annona squamosa“. There are many benefits of sugar apple for the body’s health is very good, especially also for the health of the skin.

Sugar Apple Nutrient

Sugar apple have a content of nutrients beneficial for the health of your body. This is the content of nutrients in sugar apple is a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6. This fruit contains approximately 35 grams of vitamin A, amount to 40% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, and contains amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, copper, and dietary fiber.

Healthy Benefits of Sugar Apple for Body


Here are some healthy benefits of sugar apple for your body, such as the following:

Gain weight

Sugar apple including healthy snacks for your gain weight. Fibre calories in it increases the body’s metabolism. So, being able to help stimulate appetite.

Immune system

Pudding ingredients from fruit sources of antioxidants including natural vitamin c. it is also famous for its anti-inflammatory and immune enhancing. Eating just one serving of fruit is this cream in your daily diet to better fight the agents of infection.  They can be a dangerous fight free radicals in the body, preventing the incidence of various diseases.

Increase energy

The fruit is also good as a source of energy to your body. In doing so, it can help to fight fatigue and relieving muscle weakness.


This fruit has a skin astringent tannins, which are used in helping in the treatment of some cancers and tumors. This fruit also contains compounds like acetogenin and alkaloid reduces the risk of cancer and kidney failure. They attack the cancer cells. Antioxidants such as asimicin and bullatacin in it has anti-cancer and anti-helminthes. These antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals, prevent cancer. They have a high fiber content, which protects the membrane of colon by removing toxic substances from the intestines, reducing risk cancer of the liver and large intestine. It also provides protection from breast cancer.

Healthy brain

Sugar apple is high include vitamin B complex, which controls the levels of GABA neurons in the brain chemistry. This can give a soothing effect of stress, tension, irritability and depression. It also protects from Parkinson’s disease.

Teeth become stronger

This sugar apple from a fruit leather, turned out to be too powerful in helping fight the pain in gums and teeth.

Prevent anemia

High in iron containing in this fruit is very beneficial for the treatment of anemia. It is excellent in treating vomiting, uric acid and vitamin B6 deficiency.

Healthy eyes vision

Healthy benefits of sugar apple for body, is inseparable from the content will of riboflavin and vitamin C, which help to fight free radical damage. This helps in maintaining good vision.

Reduces risk of Arthritis

High amount of magnesium in this fruit can balance of water in the body and removes acids from the joints, relieves the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. Regular consumption also helps to overcome the weakness of muscles. This fruit also contains a lot of calcium, which is essential for bone health.

Healthy heart

Balanced levels of sodium and potassium in the fruit sugar apple will govern and control the fluctuation of blood pressure in the body. High levels of magnesium prevents heart attacks and strokes. Niacin and fiber in it lowers bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. It also prevents the absorption of cholesterol in intestine. Sugar apple fruit including benefits in preventing free radicals attack the lipids, promote heart health.

Reduce risk of diabetes

Fiber found in fruit sugar apple, also helps slow the absorption of sugar in the body, so that it can help also reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes.

Healthy digestion

Healthy benefits of sugar apple is very effective for treating indigestion. The content in this fruit can make toxins out of the intestines, helps in the function of stomach. It also prevents stomach disease related such as gastritis, gastritis and acidity. Sugar apple fruit can also treat diarrhea and dysentery. Fiber can overcome constipation.

Good to skin and hair of fetus

This fruit also has a high content of vitamin A and vitamin C, which is very useful to keep the skin, eyes and hair of fetus.

Prevent premature baby born

Sugar apple fruit is an excellent source substance of copper. It is a mineral that helps the body produce hemoglobin. Pregnant women need 1000 micrograms of copper per day for the growth of fetus. Low levels of copper in the body can lead to premature birth. Consuming this fruit during pregnancy was very healthy.

Good for fetal brain development

Regular consumption of sugar apple fruit is also good for the growth of baby. It also helps in fetal brain development.

The source of high iron

This fruit is a rich source of iron, which reduces the risk of premature birth infants. Reduce the rate of labor pain pregnant. It is also known to increase the production of breast milk on pregnant and nursing mothers.

Avoiding Morning Sickness

Well, sugar apple fruit benefits can cure morning sickness in pregnant women. This is because the fruit is nutritional overcome numbness, nausea, food cravings and mood swings during pregnancy. Sugar apple fruit is believed to be a good alternative to milk. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for pregnant women who are allergic to dairy products.

Rejuvenates skin

Sugar apple fruit is not only a tasty fruit, but very good for the skin at once. Contains nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, B vitamins and antioxidants, which are needed to rejuvenate skin health.

Heal skin infections

Pasta sugar apple fruit is used to treat ulcers, abscesses, and ulcers. Vitamin C in fruit helps in wound healing and the formation of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. Consume sugar apple fruit juice regularly stimulates the development of new cells in the skin layers. It also helps in healing abrasion and cuts.

Keep skin youthful

Healthy benefits of sugar apple helps stimulate collagen to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It increases the production of collagen, increases the elasticity of skin. It would also increase hydration inside and outside the cells. Vitamin C in sugar apple can ward off free radicals in the body, giving the skin a healthy, perfect and light. and can increase healthy cell membranes. Antioxidants in sugar apple neutralize free radicals, and hastening the process of regeneration. This helps to delay the signs of aging such as spots and blemishes. Antioxidants may provide protection of the skin damaged by Sun. Consume sugar apple helps in the regeneration of skin cells and contributes in making the skin youthful.

Prevent skin cancer

Compound acetogenin in sugar apple help in eradicating the pre-skin cancer lesions, preventing skin cancer.

Lose pigmentation problems

Sugar apple decreased melanin granules clustering, reduces brown spots and pigmentation. It also helps to restore the pigmentation caused by radicals.

Relieve Rosacea symptoms

High levels of iron in the sugar apple fruit improves blood circulation, reduces symptoms of rosacea.

Prevent acne grows

Healthy benefits of sugar apple reduces sebum production, control acne. The combination pasta sugar apple with the lemon juice and use it three times a week to control sebum production. Anti-inflammatory sugar apple against acne and shrink pores.

Natural detoxification

It is loaded with soluble fiber and antioxidants, so good as a laxative. Regular consume sugar apple help to get rid of toxins and waste, gives the skin a healthy glow.

Get rid of fleas

Sugar apple is still raw, made powder can help to get rid of fleas. Combine the powder with water or coconut oil and apply it on the scalp. Wash it off after 10 minutes to treat hair lice and nits.

Increase collagen scalp

Vitamin C in sugar apple is contributing to the development of collagen, a protein that forms the main part of hair and scalp.

Make hair moisturized

Sugar apple seed oil is also beneficial in regulating hair wavy and coarse. It hydrates and moisturizes the scalp, make hair shiny, shiny and productive. High levels of vitamin A in this fruit seed oil hydrates the hair.

Prevent gray hair

High levels of copper in fruit sugar apple contribute to the formation of melanin, prevents premature graying of hair. It also maintains the natural color of the hair.

Overcome dandruff

Vitamin C and antioxidants in sugar apple set up the production of sebum in the scalp, reducing dandruff and skin peeling.

Hair growth

Inhibit inflammation of the scalp, prevent hair loss. It also facilitates the absorption of nutrients, providing nourishment for the hair. High amount of iron in the fruit improves blood circulation in the scalp, stimulates the follicles to give hair growth.

Healthy benefits of sugar apple for body, other is:

  • Decoction of leaves sugar apple and facilitate the circulation of blood menstruation.
  • Stew that can also be used to relieve fever and dysentery.
  • Healthy benefits of sugar apple is also useful for treating insect bites.
  • Pasta from the leaves of sugar apple not only helps in wound healing, but also destroy the worm around the wound.
  • Add the sugar apple fruit decoction of leaves in your bath water to relieve arthritic pain.
  • Sugar apple leaves prevent dizziness. For as faintness, add a few drops of stew on the nose can bring people back to conscious awareness.

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