benefits of foods fig for health body

Benefits of Foods Fig for Health Body (Tin, Ara)

Benefits of foods fig for health body, or better known as the fruit of tin / ara include its use as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetics, coughs, bronchitis, and asthma. It is also used as a quick and healthy way to get your weight back after illness. It is seasonal fruit tin which is found in the western part of Asia, but dried figs are available almost everywhere, at every point throughout the year. Fig is a member of the mulberry family.

Benefits of Foods Fig for Health Body


Benefits of foods fig for health body because the content in it which is rich in minerals and vitamins, such as including fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, potassium and chlorine. Some of the health benefits of figs are as follows:

Prevention of constipation

Consume three figs will be able to meet the daily intake of fiber by as much as 5 gr. With a high concentration of fiber help nourish the digestive system and prevents constipation. The fibers can be instrumental in adding mass to the intestine, so that not only prevent constipation, but also eliminate the diarrhea and bowel movements that are unhealthy or irregularly.

Weight loss

Benefits of the fruit tin this is inseparable from the Fiber content can help reduce weight and is often recommended for obese people. However, a high amount of calories can also lead to weight gain, especially when consumed with milk. Some figs which is enough to meet the recommended amount of nutrients, so no need to consume excessive.


Fruit tin contain Pectin, which is a soluble fiber. When the fiber moving through the digestive system, all the bad cholesterol will be brought to system for excretion are removed of body. Pectin that include soluble fiber in figs also stimulates bowel movement to stay healthy. Well, they have a laxative effect, because it is one solid foods that are rich in fiber. High fiber intake on your dishes can be beneficial to overall health including prevent cancer of stomach and colon cancer.

Prevent coronary artery disease

Fruit a dry tin contains phenol, Omega 3 and Omega 6. Fatty acids can minimize the risk of coronary heart disease. Well, it turns out that fig leaf has a significant impact on the level of triglycerides in a person’s system. Fig leaf also has a barrier effect on triglycerides, and make the overall amount of triglycerides drop. Triglycerides are the main factors behind various heart diseases.

Prevent colon cancer

Presence of fiber helps to stimulate in getting rid of free radicals and other cancer-causing substances, especially in the large intestine, because fiber increase the healthy movement of bowels.

Prevent Breast cancer after menopause

Fruit tin content high in fiber which is known to protect against breast cancer after menopause, hormonal balance in women often experience fluctuations. body systems are so inter-related with hormones that affect the immune system, which changes the ability of antioxidants to fight free radicals. The attack of free radicals is a major factor behind the development of cancer.

Good for diabetics

Health experts also recommend fruit tin as a high fiber treats that help improve functional control of diabetes. Tin leaf reduces the amount of insulin needed by a diabetic patient must regularly take insulin injections. Fruit tin rich in potassium, which helps to regulate the amount of sugar is absorbed into the body after eating. potassium in large amounts can stabilize blood sugar, so the fruit tin can help diabetics live much more normal.

Prevent hypertension

Fruit tin high potassium and low in sodium, can be summed up this fruit can control blood pressure, so it is very good for those of you who don’t want to experience a rise in blood pressure.


Natural chemicals in the leaves make an ideal component of tin in the form of tea. Fruit tin tea leaves have been popular prescribed for various circumstances such as bronchitis, respiratory and also used as a way to prevent and reduce symptoms of asthma patients.

Venereal Diseases

Continent of India and a few other regions in the world, benefits of foods fig for health body already felt and made as a soothing ointment for venereal disease. Swallowing or topical application that can cope with a sexually transmitted disease, although more research needs to be done the proper checks.

Sexual Dysfunction

Already many centuries, the fruit tin was made as a way to improve sexual dysfunction such as infertility, durability, or erectile dysfunction. Here’s how : soak the fruit tin 2-3 in milk overnight and take it in the morning to boost your sexual ability.

Strengthen Bones

Fruit tin which has high calcium, including one of the most important component in strengthening bones, and minimize the risk of osteoporosis. Not only that, he also is rich in phosphorus, which encourage the formation and growth of the bone if there is damage or degradation in bones.

Increase urine calcium

People who maintain a diet high in sodium can be affected by increased urine calcium loss. High content of potassium in the figs or tin can help to avoid that condition and arrange the contents of waste in your urine. This minimizes the loss of calcium.

Prevent macular degeneration

Vision loss in the elderly is usually due to macular degeneration. Fruits and fruit tin is very good for help in avoiding a very common symptoms will be aging.

Overcome a sore throat

The presence of mucus in fruit tin turns can help to heal and protect sore throat. Soothing properties of natural fruit juice tin will be able to eliminate pain and stress on the vocal cords.

Treating cough and asthma

Benefits of foods fig for health body is very useful in treating respiratory disorders as well as resolve a variety such as whooping cough and asthma.

Overcome digestive problems and stomach

Fruit tin also makes an effective digestive system performance, and this may help in treating constipation, indigestion, abdominal pain, and a variety of other intestinal conditions.

Cope fever

Will consume the fruit tin good for you that are experiencing fever, ear pain, ulcers, abscesses, and very good also to heart. Alkaline in them very high levels, because they help to regulate the pH of body. Benefits of tin which is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, which are antioxidants that prevent damage caused by free radicals. Tin is known for its soothing properties and laxative in her womb, and she also has a low content of fat and sugar.

Instead of sugar

Fruit tin which is sweet and soft paste that is often used as a sugar substitute. Tin is processed in use for making cakes, puddings, pies, assorted baked goods, jams, jellies and preserves.

Skin moist

High levels of omega 3 fatty acids in the fruit tin helps to keep skin remains moist even though the space is air-conditioned. Apply paste tin on the lips to treat chapped lips and dry.

Cope skin infections and wounds

Recommend this tin of fruit for skin conditions such as inflammation, boils and abscesses. It is also beneficial for curing acne. Apply the tin that’s been crushed on the skin to tighten pores and regulates the secretion of excess sebum.

Giving healthy skin

Fruit tin also has a fairly high moisture content that can help to remove toxins and waste of body, preventing acne. Not only that, benefits of foods fig for health body also treat psoriasis and eczema on your skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Applying the flesh of fruit tin on the face can help provide nutrients in the dermis of skin.

Get rid of the dead cells

benefits of foods fig for health body can is applied to remove dead cells. The enzyme is present in the fruit tin will eliminate dead cells while sugar will make the skin more supple

Skin bleaching

Well, benefits of foods fig for health body which is high in vitamin C it turns out can make your skin glow. You can make a facial mask using a paste of powdered tin, oatmeal and dried ginger powder. Add a few drops of citrus oil and stir to form a smooth paste. Use this mask three times a week to get radiant skin.

Natural Exfoliate dead cells

The skin of fruit tin which contains a number of active enzymes, which can be used as a natural peeling agent in getting rid of the dead cells from the skin. Wash your face and brush your skin will exfoliate in part by using the fruit tin.

Benefits of foods fig for healthy body other, such as the following:

  • Hair Conditioner
  • Promote hair growth
  • Production of collagen
  • Prevent premature graying
  • Good for sufferers of hemorrhoids and hemorroid
  • Elevating the body
  • Can be used in replace of milk
  • Get rid of kidney stones
  • Improve immune system body

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