Healthy Benefits of Minerals Including for Body

Minerals included essential nutrients in the prevention of various diseases and maintain health. Mineral and vitamin supplements have the same role, in the sense of the vitamin can work for their mineral and vice versa. May be assumed to be minerals vitamins will not be able to function properly. The difference between vitamins and minerals is where vitamins are organic compounds and minerals are inorganic compounds.

There are many minerals contained within the body. It is a major mineral is a mineral that the body needs more than 100 mg per day, which included primary minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, sodium and chloride. for minor mineral are minerals that the body needs less than 100 mg, which including magnesium, chromium, iodine, magnesium, manganese, iron, fluorine, zinc and selenium.

One more ultratrace minerals which is a mineral that exists in the human body are not yet known how the intake needed by the body, which includes this mineral is nickel, boron, vanadium, arsenic and silicon. Certainly the major and minor mineral intake must be balanced, if the lack of intake of one of them then it would could cause serious health problems as well.

Healthy Benefits of Minerals Including for Body

Benefits of minerals to the body so much. There are various types of minerals that also have different functions and is essential for our body. Most of this mineral plays a role in helping to maintain metabolism, water balance in the body and maintain healthy bones. The following healthy benefits of minerals including from :


One of these minerals have an important role in bone health, function / cognitive brain, anti-aging, sexual health, prevent cancer, treat Alzheimer’s disease, and may help reduce muscle soreness.


Healthy benefits of minerals including calcium. It is also important to improve bone health (prevention of osteoporosis), relieve arthritis, improve dental health, and reduce insomnia, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and cramps. In addition, important in preventing or treating obesity, colon cancer, acidity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.


The benefits of chromium mineral is essential for the absorption of glucose in the body, so it is very relevant for those suffering from diabetes. It increases the absorption of glucose by cells, which stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, and although both are usually appears as a negative component for health, they are really important in a small degree of functional living, healthy.


This is a key element of the formation of hemoglobin, metabolism, muscle activity, anemia, brain function, immunity, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and regulation of body temperature. The most important role of the mineral iron in the body is to produce or assist the formation of hemoglobin, which ensures the oxygenation and circulation of blood in various organ systems. Without iron, will appear anemia, which is perceived as muscle weakness, fatigue, digestive disorders, and cognitive impairment.


Healthy benefits of minerals including magnesium. Its function can treat high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, menopause, asthma, alcoholism, bone health, cramps and pregnancy. It is also very important in terms of reducing anxiety and stress, and has been strongly linked with a decrease anixety and insomnia, due to enzymatic role in releasing hormone that relaxes the body and induce sleep.


Furthermore, the mineral component is often overlooked for the health benefits obtained from this mineral. Whereas the mineral iodine can minimize the appearance of goiter, fibrocystic breast disease, the condition of skin problems, and cancer, while it can improve hair care, protecting the fetus during pregnancy, and increase metabolism.


This is a secondary form of iodine, but very important in terms of body functions. It is equally involved in thyroid function as a whole, and without it the body system, goiter will develop. Iodide has a role so important in producing thyroxine (T4), who unwittingly body can decrease the metabolic rate and improve cholesterol levels.


Mineral phosphorus is an essential part in the performance of the metabolism of the body, it can reduce muscle weakness, improve bone health, improve brain function, corrects sexual weakness, help in dental care, and optimize metabolism.


Benefits of manganese minerals play an important role in the management of the body’s metabolism, osteoporosis, reproduction, inflammation, reduce fatigue, sprains, brain function, and epilepsy.


This common mineral improving brain function, eliminating the throat infection, soothe arthritis, prevent heart disease, aid in the treatment of skin, boost immunity and improve hemoglobin deficiency. It is usually associated with the absorption of iron and facilitation of the circulatory system functioning.


Potassium can correct low blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, prevent heart disease, improve the flow of water in the body, relieve muscle disorders and cramps, improve brain function, manage diabetes, kidney disorder that is true, and managing arthritis. As a vasodilator, reduces tension in the blood vessels, and to ensure proper distribution of oxygen to vital organ systems, while protecting against cardiovascular disease. It has also been shown to improve brain function.


Selenium may be a rare mineral, but its function is significant. It is one mineral that includes the most powerful antioxidants, which can prevent the formation of new free radicals with support for a range of cellular reactions that decrease the concentration of peroxide present in the cell body. Reduce the formation of free radicals is only one function of the mineral selenium. It is also very important for bone growth, along with calcium, copper, and zinc.


Mineral silicon has an important involvement in bone health, hair care, skin care, nail health, sleep disorders, atherosclerosis, network development, dental care, and tuberculosis.


Most sodium mineral needed by the body, because it is the key to water balance, improve brain function, prevent sunburn, relieve muscle cramps and prevent premature aging.


Mineral end on the list is very good at managing skin care, acne, eczema, prostate disorders, wound healing, cold, pregnancy, weight loss, hair care, reproduction, eye care, loss of appetite and night blindness. It is an important component of more than 10 functions enzymatic important than the body, and without zinc, the body will quickly lose the overall function and results in a number of health problems, including the inability to fight the disease, wound healing, insulin, developed a pattern of growth that is appropriate, and maintain against a variety of skin infections.


Benefits of sulfur mineral helps form proteins and tissues in the body. Sulfur deficiency will cause the joints, muscles and skin disorders.


Benefits of cobalt minerals as cofactors to help the formation of vitamin B12 (cobalamin), which will make the process of red blood cell production. Cobalt mineral deficiency can result in vitamin B12 deficiency.


The benefits of fluoride mineral helps the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium, an element matrix of teeth and bones, as well as inhibit the formation of tartar. Fluoride mineral deficiencies can lead to tooth decay.


Molybdenum mineral is part of a number of enzymes. Sources of molybdenum-containing foods will include bread, beans, green vegetables, liver, whole grains and milk.


Benefits sodium mineral helps maintain nervous system function, to maintain blood volume and help regulate water balance in every cell in the body.

Functions and healthy benefits of minerals including important for metabolism the body, which are :

1. Healthy benefits of minerals including protect and support the health of the muscles, nerves and heart
2. Producing various enzymes
3. Osmotic pressure control contained in the body.
4. Maintain, protect and control the bones harden and physiological processes in the body.
5. Contraction of the muscle and nerve response.
6. As a catalyst in a variety of biochemical processes that take place in the body.
7. The formation of hard and soft tissue structures, to the action of the enzyme system
8. Frame the body, teeth and muscles
9. Healthy benefits of minerals including helps in generating antibodies.
10. Balancing acid-base and water in the blood.
11. Maintaining bone health.
12. As an activator that has the function to hormones and enzymes
13. Healthy benefits of minerals including Prevent muscle soreness.
14. Maintaining the function of the brain’s performance.
15. Carry oxygen throughout the body.
16. Acting crucial to the development process of the cell.


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