Different Blog and Website, Explain !

Goodinfoa.com – The different blog and website can make a confused most people. There are some people who feel confused between a blog and a website, some even do not understand about both. Well, for that we will share the explanation about the difference between blogs and websites.

Did you know, actually blogs and websites that are different in many ways. So, nor can you assume both that one thing is the same. To have a clear knowledge about both, are described below:

#1 Based on Wikipedia

Well, according to Wikipedia, a blog discussion site which consists of discrete Minister published on the WWW (World Wide Web). While the website includes a group of related web pages that is served from a domain.
“Blog is a contradiction of the web log “
“Website is a contradiction of the site on the web”

#2 Based on the content

The blog can contain rich content. Topic posted may be an explanation of fashion, technology, health, specific products, or about a particular athlete and actor with a new sensation. It could be said the blog had a role as a digital magazine with different post updates every day. Well, for the website contains one topic or represents one product, one man, and another thing still similar.

#3 Coding

At a time when talk of blogs and websites, people usually worry about coding. When you select a blog, you need not worry, because to create a blog, You don’t have to be an expert in the field of coding. You just simply download the template and start by learning the basics of coding. Well, rather different from the website, you should be able to grasp and understand coding such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, etc.

#4 List Content

A blog has a list of chronological postings. All posts that have been made, will be composed of the newest to oldest. Each time you visit a blog will generally be directly encountered a list of a number of content ever posted by the owner. While when you visit the website, you will not find that list. The data in this website is usually static.

#5 Home Page

For blog and website, the Home Page is entirely different. In a website, the home page describes the basic content of the web site. This will tell visitors about the types of products offered by that website. However, the home page blog dominated various writings that have been posted.

#6 Rating

A blog mostly assumed active depending on the number of visitors active users. The number of readers rank the blog. A good rating is very important to the success of the blog and get as much traffic as possible. On the other hand, a website is not affected by things like that.

#7 Time

The right time is crucial to a successful blog! You need to send your post usually between the hours of 08.00 to 12.00 hours to attract readers to your blog. But on the website, time has nothing to do with it. That website does not depend on time.

#8 User interaction

Out of blogs and websites, blogs are considered more interactive. The blog offers visitors the option to comment, in the form of love, and share posts. While the website is usually admin block comments so as to make the website less interactive.

#9 Search Engine

Every time a user performs a search in a particular site, then the blogs will be searched more than websites. Because the blog content is constantly changing, it causes the search engines do a search more towards blogs. However, since the content of this website is static so that the website has a limited search.

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