What is an Atom and Molecules?

Atom & Molecules


What is that understanding of atoms and molecules? How the size of atoms and molecules? As you have known, you may get the information in a journal article, as well as in books that discuss about electronics, not loose with a discussion that is often referred to as atoms and molecules. Atom is so very small particles with diameter measures approximately 3 -15 nm. While the atom itself consists of particles smaller again referred to subatomic particles, namely protons, electrons and neutrons.

Protons are positively charged subatomic particles. whereas the contrary which includes subatomic particles that there is negative charge, and the neutron is a particle that is not charged. The protons and neutrons is the nucleus itself. When protons and electrons collide will cause an explosion, where the explosive power depending on how large the charge contained by the material of an object.

Molecule is a combination between two or more atoms of the same or different. form molecules larger than atoms, but can be viewed by using the tools we can not using the naked eye. Similar molecules is called molecular elements and molecules instead of atoms called molecules of different compounds.


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