35 Function of Vitamin A to Healthy Body

Function of vitamin a to healthy
Carrot is vegetables has high vitamin A

Surely you already know the function of vitamin A to health for eye vision function especially to let clear and obvious. However, it turns out the function of vitamin A to healthy is not only good for eyes but also useful for other organs. Well, vitamin A is divided into two types namely retinol (original source of animal products) and beta-carotene (source origin of plant).

Function of Vitamin A to Healthy


There’s many getting nutrients vitamin A for health in addition to provide eye health, among which are the following :

Give blood detoxification

Vitamin A contains rerinoat acid and retinol that is able to launch a blood circulation as well as nourish the body in all vessels so as to prevent the appearance of inflammation on boils and pimples are caused by dirty or less smooth blood circulation in the body.

Provide health on nasal cavity

It has function of vitamin A to healthy in improving healthy of the body, especially on part of the mucous membranes found in the nasal cavity. So, that the stick can filter oxygen from his small particles carried by the possibilities that come from free radicals.

Improve reproductive function in men

Function of vitamin A to healthy helps in increasing the production of sperm is good, so that it can compile and maintain fertility and sperm viscosity levels in good condition.

Healthy Ovaries of women

Vitamin A can nourish the ovaries as well as State always bracing to readiness in the onset of process fertilization.

Strengthen the fetal placenta

Vitamin A can help keep placenta wall remain elastic so it’s not easily affected by irritation and not susceptible to inflammation when the presence of free radicals that accidentally gets into the body.

Nourish a fetus

Get your intake of vitamin A to pregnant women is very good during pregnancy, especially during the development of organs and growth body of an infant who is already shaping up to be the more powerful labor came.

Powerful with contains antioxidant

Content of retinol contained in vitamin A very strong can help inhibit the toxic particles that get carried away by free radicals from outside or inside body.

Increased immune system body

Keep constantly got the intake of vitamin A each day can make the body forming a compound that can help in protecting body from the attack of bacteria, fungi, viruses, germs and pathogens carried by free radicals through air, food, or drug weather conditions

Healthy your eyes

Content of retinol is so high in vitamin A can cause eye has the ability to capture any object or light is received by the retina to brain nerve direction later in the visualize exactly and accurately.

Inhibit spread of cancer cells

Vitamin A obtained routinely every day will help in inhibiting and preventing the onset of DNA that is flourishing and developing in the cancer cells that are present in organs such as the liver, lung, breast, colon, prostate, cervix .

Growth of cells

Function of vitamin A intake is met for body indeed is important, because it has a function in the growth of body cells. Vitamin A also had a role against the establishment and growth of cells.

Function of Vitamin A to healthy body is:

12. Could treating diarrhea diseases and measles
13. Being able to protect the body from malnutrition
14. Can prevent premature baby born
15. Help prevent anaemia for mothers after childbirth
16. Making Breast Milk is good for the health of baby’s organs
17. Preventing complications of the disease in mother after childbirth
18. Decrease muscle tension, body levels of stress psychologically post childbirth
19. Damaged or injured tissue repair after childbirth operation
20. Capable of restoring immune mothers after childbirth.
21. Keep nail, hair growth in order to be strong and not brittle is easily
22. Launch urination as well as empower bladder
23. Strengthen the embryo fetus and protects organs in are growing.
24. Prevent corneal xerosis for pregnant women
25. Being able to protect skin from dryness and flaky
26. Keep your stomach from inflammatory and keeping the digestive system
27. Prevent nyctalopia in the newborn


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