35 Foods in Vitamin K Including Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits

35 Foods in Vitamin K Including Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits

Goodinfoa.com – Foods in Vitamin K should you need to know in order not to cause a variety of diseases caused by vitamin K deficiency as cause bone porous, bleeding in infants. No doubt also for no more intake, it will be bad when the excess vitamin K. There are three kinds of vitamin K include  vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), vitamin K2 (menaquinone) and vitamin K3 (menadione). It is a fat soluble it can have a major role in the process of blood clotting, so often referred to coagulation. Consume excessive can make the bloody poisoning, while a deficiency of vitamin K will trigger the emergence of health disorders. Well, you can be poisoned when excess vitamin K may cause haemolysis of red blood cells, jaundice and brain damage. Vitamin K can you get from the vegetable, fruit, meat or supplements.

Source Foods in vitamin K


The following types of food in vitamin K that you can get from many sources such as from vegetables and fruits :


It is foods in vitamin K high. will Consume a portion of plums already meet the needs of a daily intake of vitamin K. But, still remember don’t consume excessive food it will be bad for your health.


Levels containing of vitamin K in 100 gr fruit blueberries namely 19 mcg, or could be inferred meet 24% of daily intake needs. It is also high in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties, which is also good for maintaining heart health and brain.


There are sufficient levels containing of vitamin K in the fruit of avocado. Where this fruit also has roles can lower LDL bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Avocado turns can also prevent the risk of cancer, caused by the presence of glutation in it.


For 100 grams of grapes has about 22 mcg containing of vitamin K, or equivalent also with 21% daily intake of vitamin K needs. This fruit is also good for maintaining healthy pancreas and kidney.


It is not only rich in antioxidant vitamin C which acts to increase the body’s immunity, but also has a high contain of them.


Vegetables included Kale the best source foods in vitamin K. They can be high in minerals and has antioxidant properties. It is very good also for the skin as well as rich with vitamin E.

Leaves of Lettuce

Lettuce contain around 128 mcg vitamin K for per 100 gr. lettuce consumed as vegetables are very suitable in order to also get the best benefits from green leaves of this one.

Brussels sprouts

This vegetable is very low in calories so it is suitable for you who live your diet program. Well, the containing of vitamin K in it already proved to be very high, Where one plate of Brussels sprouts provides 300 mcg of them, a very high amount.


This one common vegetable we see in traditional markets. By consuming 100 gr. cauliflower that contained approximately 125 mcg of vitamin K. How very high rather than its contain? Let alone cauliflower is easily found in the country of Indonesia.


There are many types of spinach, but any kind of vegetable is good for anemia sufferers consumed, due to the containing of high iron. Surely there is also foods in vitamin K high are good for your health.


Existing source foods in vitamin K in the next vegetable of Broccoli. Yes, this vegetable has a high containing of vitamin K. Broccoli is also a lot of it’s kind, but still there is vitamin K in it.


Vegetable asparagus, including most vegetable found in Chinese cuisine. Vegetable vitamin K has an approximately 57 mcg for per 100 gr. Asparagus also has diuretic properties, which is great for treating and preventing disorders diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.


This type of root vegetables have vitamin K around 2 mcg for each 100 gr. but, remember do not consume excessive potato, this is to help you from rising weight.

Mustard Green

This vegetable has the highest containing of vitamin K i.e., mustard green, which is about 419.3 mcg for per Cup. By consume mustard, then needs a daily intake of vitamin K would be sure without the need for vitamin K supplements.

Soy beans

For 100 gr soybeans has about 47 mcg of vitamin K. going Nuts is easily processed in a variety of dishes and can be enjoyed with a variety of preparations such as tofu, tempeh and soy milk.

Green peas

Peas or pea beans also are often called vitamin K has about 5 mcg for per 100 gr. This number belongs to quite high, for this type of snack.

Fish oil

Fish oil is already believed to be deposits of high omega-3 fatty acids, but did you know? fish oil is also a high source foods in vitamin K, so you can get it from capsules of fish oil supplements.


It turns out that cucumber is not only needed in beauty treatments such as eliminate dark circles eye pandas but also of health. Yups, including foods in vitamin K in the cucumber is relatively high.

Green onions

Scallions including types of vegetable containing high vitamin K. often garnish for a wide range of traditional and international food. Well, the containing of vitamin K is approximately 207 mcg for every 100 sheets.

Other source foods in vitamin K which further :
20. Cayenne Pepper
21. Peppers
22. Tomatoes
23. Strawberry
24. Carrot

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